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My name is André and I live in Porto, Portugal.


I’m a knitwear designer, researcher, and instructor. I also have degrees in design and fashion illustration.


My first training is as a classical violinist, but about 8 years ago I decided to embrace the passion I had for crafts and start to dedicate myself entirely to knitting. From that moment on I was surrendered and since then I have been travelling around Europe to learn and develop in-depth the most diverse aspects related to the subject.


Something that interests me is to get to know and learn the techniques that are traditional in each country. At this moment my main focus is the Portuguese style of knitting and taking this tradition abroad using the techniques from my country as a source of inspiration.


As there are not so many variants of knitting techniques in Portugal, I decided to develop a way of using the Portuguese style and apply it to all kinds of knitting techniques to make them more effective, simple, and quick to execute.


I have been designing patterns since 2016, and am starting to launch them to the international public, teaching all over the country and developing the Portuguese techniques so that people from all parts of the world can learn from someone native and who loves what he does. In the last year, I taught on a Knitting Retreat in Italy, Perth Festival of Yarn (Scotland), Barcelona Knits (Barcelona), Knoble Yarn Fest in Colorado, Vogue Knitting Live and Stitches.




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