My name is André, I'm a independent Knitwear Designer and Instructor.

My first training is as a professional violinist where my love for art, aesthetics and beauty comes from.

I have always had a passion for textiles and handicrafts, and I decided to dedicate myself mainly to knitting a few years ago, although I continue to play the violin occasionally.

I am a expert in Portuguese Knitting Style and my main focus has always been to ally this style with other forms and techniques from other countries. For this I have been traveling a bit around the world to explore different techniques and styles of knitting with some of the biggest names in the in the knitting world, developing a research in how to adapt those techniques to the Portuguese style of knitting, making them simple, fast and effective.

Nowadays, the Portuguese Knitting Style is getting more popular in the world and my mission is to teach and spread it, so that everyone can know and learn through the hands of a portuguese local.

At the same time, I was trained in fashion design and illustration and recently started creating my own patterns with the brand andreknits.


I'm Rowan's and Schachenmayr's ambassador in Portugal and I travel all over the country to teach this art that I so love so much.

When I'm not traveling or teaching I like to knit comfortably on the sofa in the company of my cat Farinelli ...

@2020 by André de Castro