Portuguese Knitting Club 2020/2021

Maximum: 1 class of 10 persons 


What is ANDREKNITS Portuguese Knitting club?


The club will be open to a limited number of students who want to attend all of my online classes.

Classes will be taught online (via Zoom) on Mondays at 11 am (EDT/EST) time. The classes will begin on February 8th.
For those who cannot attend a class for any reason, the classes
will be recorded and sent to you.
There will be 4 classes per month: (1 per week) and may be placed in the following categories:

• a technique
• when necessary a pattern that complements the technique

This club was created especially for those who would like to be able to attend more classes, repeat past classes (where they may have doubts) to learn different projects / techniques simultaneously with several advantages ... among them, a lower price and a single payment at the beginning of each month, without the trouble of registration in each one of the classes or multiple payments etc ...

@2020 by André de Castro