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3 hour class


40 €

Lace by Music - 27 June 2020

Maximum: 8 places

The lace by music is a type of lace knitting. Borders or edgings that were made by women in the most remote villages of Portugal. I am developing a researchand a collection of samples across the country on the subject. These lace have the particularity of being all made mostly in purl stitches and for that purpose a special "code" as been created to pass along those patterns from generation to generation. This “code” is the so-called "music" of the lace and is composed of a series of symbols created by people who at that time didn’t know how to read or write.

Class contents:


- Historical approach to Lace by music;


- Explanation of symbols and how to interpret them;

- Workinglace by musicsamples.


Prerequesites: Previous experience in Lace knitting, reading chart, etc...


Supplies Students Need to Bring to Class:


3.75 and 4 mm/US 6 and 6 knitting needles, basic notions, as stitch markers, scissors etc... (50 gr of fingering weight yarn in a light color).

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