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  • by André de Castro



    Eulimene is a sea nymph (nereid), one of the 50 daughters of Nereus and Doris in Greek mythology.. They were normally depicted as resting on rocky outcrops, or frolicking with other creatures of the sea. The sea nymphs were regarded as benevolent figures, helping sailors and fishermen in distress. Eulimene was the personification of “good harbouring”.

    My inspiration for this shawl began with the color of the main yarn which reminded me of the calm and deep sea… 
    The body of the shawl has a crescent shape with stitches in the form of drops of water. Next the section is a mosaic which reminds me of the sea- weed you can find on the rocks. It makes a color transition before the lace border that represents the sea foam forming on the surface.

    You can choose other colors but I recommend two contrasting colors — one considerably lighter than the other — that are, at the same time, complementary. The lace part should be in the lighter color.

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