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  • by André de Castro



    Dyopside or diopside from the Greek dis “twice”, and ópse “face” in reference to the two ways of orienting the vertical prism, is a deep green gem sometimes referred as Siberian emerald. 
    Dyopside is an empowering stone that helps to stimulate learning and understanding, to help one become better connected to the earth, and to bring love to oneself as well as other. Said to hold all the mysteries of the Universe. 
    My inspiration for this shawl began with the prism shape of the dyopside gemstone that you can see represented on the central motifs of the lace border.

    The construction of the shawl has a crescent shape with a lace border. 
    The shawl starts with the lace border, worked first. Next, stitches are picked up in the garter stitch bumps on the border edge and the shawl body is started. 
    The body is worked with short rows in order to give it a crescent shape. 
    Although this shawl was designed for a yarn of a medium thickness (DK yarn), I took the decision based on the composition of the yarn when choosing it. The silk present in the blend with merino gives it lightness, fluidity, and a very good drape. It´s important to have this in mind if you don’t want to end with rough and stiff fabric.

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